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Windows Phone 8

Dec 28, 2012 at 11:47 PM


Thanks for a great framework. I'm wondering if you're planning to make an implementation that works on the Windows Phone 8. I have tried to make a version that works on WP8 from your source codes, but I got stuck with many errors when compiling ANX.RenderSystem.Windows.DX11 for WP8.

So the followings are the processes I've gone through:

1. Compile ANX.Framework for WP8 (this was done by making a Windows Phone 8 class library project and adding all of the source codes to this project). It was easy to compile ANX.Framework for WP8. I just had to include a WINDOWSMETRO macro in the project setting. In the future, you may want to include WINDOWS_PHONE in your #if macros as well.

2. Make a WP8 class library project and added all of the source codes in ANX.RenderSystem.Windows.DX11 to this project. 

3. Added the SharpDX references from Standard-wp8-ARM directory.

4. Since unsafe codes are not allowed in WP8, I've converted the unsafe codes to regular code.

5. (Problem->) Replaced some of the references to SharpDX.Toolkit.Graphics from SharpDX.Direct3D11 since some of the classes didn't exist for the WP8 versions, but getting a lot of errors for the class APIs.

6. (Problem->) Commented out SharpDX.D3DCompiler reference since it doesn't exist for WP8 version, and getting lots of errors here.

Because of the many errors, I gave up the compilation, and wondered if you have already gone through the processes of making a WP8 version of your RenderSystem.

I would appreciate any helps.