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ANX.Framework team member: Roland Rosenkranz

Nickname: Glatzemann
Forum/Community nicknames: Glatzemann

I'm the founder of the ANX.Framework project and I had the idea for this thing while watching the keynotes and presentations about the upcoming Windows 8 at the Build conference 2011. I had ideas for such frameworks before but I always was sticked to the great XNA framework created by Microsoft and it has nearly everything I need.

Since July 2011 I'm one of the XNA/DirectX MVP's awarded by Microsoft.

In my daytime job I'm working as a professional software developer at a german telecomunications company. I'm developing games, demos and software as a hobby for more than 20 years now beginning with first coding affords on a VIC20, C64 and Plus/4 by Commodore many years ago.

ANX responsibilities

I'm working at the core functionality at the ANX framework (base classes) and I have created the DirectX 10 RenderSystem and most of the graphics related managed stuff. I'm additionaly working on the DirectX 11 and 11.1 RenderSystems. I'm coordinating the team members and mailing list and I try to hold the team together. Sometimes I'm recruiting new members.

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