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How to Verify a Metro App

Since the AppStore on Windows8 is very restrictive in terms of Library-Usage, Building, etc. this page may help you getting your app verified faster.

Microsoft has an own small Guide for this:

Make sure these rules are applied:
  • Build in Release Mode
  • Don't reference libraries like OpenTK, SharpDX.D3DCompiler
  • Don't use P/Invokes! This is also the reason why the above libraries aren't allowed
  • Make sure your Assets are included into the project
  • Check your appxManifest file
    • Are all Assets (Logos etc.) linked there?
    • Did you enter your name, appname, etc. in there?
    • Are all permissions checked correctly?
  • Only use the Core Framework

If these rules are applied, there shouldn't be much of a problem, to get your app rolling!

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