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Shader Woes

Jan 7, 2013 at 6:37 AM
Edited Jan 7, 2013 at 6:37 AM

I've just found out about ANX and after some bad experiences with Monogame and their content pipeline, I'm giving you guys a shot :)

I'm targeting Win8/Metro for the moment since my most recent changes were for the monogame win8/metro environment. 

OK.. 1st off a bug report.. latest source from SVN wouldnt load the built in shaders because the parameter buffer was not a multiple of 16.... added a line to fix the dataSize and got past that one...

For some reason ANX is prefixing content paths with "Assets" even when I set Content.RootDirectory.... that slowed me down for a few minutes before I noticed the extra path element and moved my assets around so they would load right.... if you are gonna force a splash screen and stuff like that on us poor devs, you really need to embed it in the DLL instead of making it part of our project and the code to display it not under our control.

And lastly.. the show stopper... I've got an xnb shader created with an XNA 4.0 content project that is known to work in my VS2010/XNA4.0 environment except for a little internal problem where it doesnt do exactly what I want it to do (the entire point of my moving up to win8/2012/etc is to get at the shader debugging).... The shader fails to load at all.. looking at the memory stream, there seem to be 4 bytes of unknown data before the uniform variable count, and that instantly blows the effect loader code ....

I'd really like to discuss this with anyone that has the time to work through the problem with me... I hang out in #ogre3D, #axiomengine on, #monogame on, and #graphicsdev on