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The ANX Content Compiler

The ANX Content Compiler is a visual tool to create XNB content files outside the IDE, so you do not need to hand a whole solution file and IDE to your artists to test some graphics. Just give them the Content Compiler and let them access the content project. This way they can test their stuff with a binary release and do not need access to source code or build utilities. It just needs a .NET Framework 4 and ANX.


From the fact that the ANX Content Compiler is sometimes refererred as "Content Compiler 4" you can guess that there is some history. The original Content Compiler product started in 2008 and was developed by Eagle Eye Studios, to make it easier for designers to test graphics for XNA games without the need to use Visual Studio. It then evolved over the years getting more features until development officially ended in 2011 with Version 3. As some features were required by the Eagle Eye Studios for new projects, a new Version was planned as Content Compiler 4. Development started around May 2012. Somewhere in mid 2012 Glatzemann contacted Eagle Eye Studios' lead developer SilentWarrior about some help in the development of the new ANX Content Pipeline and a graphical tool to build content. As Eagle Eye Studios planned to build future games using OpenGL it was decided that the next Content Compiler will be integrated into the ANX project.

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