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Create a content project using the Content Compiler

To create a new project, click the "Create Project" button in the Action Panel. A dialog window will pop up, asking you to enter a name and a storage location for your project. The name will be the default name of the project file and the storage location indicates where the source (uncompiled) files will be stored. They are stored exactly like the project structure. By default this location is the ANX Folder in your Documents folder followed by the projects name. (Example: Documents\ANX Content Compiler\MyContentProject)

After you filled in the boxes click next and the next question will pop up, asking you if you want to specify a special output directory. The default will be in your source files folder in the subdirectory "bin" (-> Documents\ANX Content Compiler\MyContentProject\bin). If you are fine with the default location just hit "No" and the next question will be displayed. Else select "Yes" and enter the path you want to use. Then click "Next".

In the following dialogue window you can select a directory that contains assemblies with custom importers or processors. If you do not need custom importers or processors hit "No". Otherwise click "Yes" and select the path that contains your custom importers or processors. Click "Next".

At this point you have entered all details needed. A summary of the new project will be displayed and after you clicked "Start working!" your project will be created and the Action Panel will change to the EditState.

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