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How to solve a AddInLoadingException

The common reason for a AddInLoadingException is the fact, that ANX was not able to find a AddIn that is hosting a InputSystem, RenderSystem or SoundSystem. ANX is searching for this AddIns in the same folder where it was loaded from.

If you start a ANX game and you get a AddInLoadingException("couldn't get default input system because there are no registered input systems available") exception this is a suggestion that you have to put a assembly containing a InputSystem in the same folder where the ANX.Framework.dll is located.

You can do that manually (copy file) or by adding this assembly as a reference to your game project (right click on references folder in Visual Studio and select add reference).

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KorsarNek Mar 8, 2014 at 4:50 PM 
For people that build from source: make sure the addIns that are used are build with the same version of the Anx.Framework assembly that you are using. If not, you will get no error when the assembly gets loaded, but the .Net runtime will not load all types necessary for the addIn.